1374 Route 390, Canadensis PA 18325 (Formerly Melograno's Pine Hollow)

1374 Route 390, Canadensis PA 18325 Formerly Melograno's Pine Hollow Restaurant & Tavern. This property is loaded with potential. There are 3 separate buildings on the property totaling 9,000 square foot of interior space. The restaurant is roughly 4,000 square foot; is complete with a full sized professional quality commercial kitchen, full-sized dining room, large bar area, full sized office, and an additional billiards room with a women's and men's bathroom. The building needs some updating but the bones are all there. The second largest building is complete with a 1,000 sq. ft. residential house, a separate residential efficiency, & 4 attached garages. The total building size here is roughly 3,800 square feet. This building is currently leased for $1,500/month. The 3rd building on the property is a detached garage totaling 1,200 square foot, has 2 roll-up garage doors, electric and heat. This building is zoned for a retail store. The total parcel size is roughly 8 acres, mostly all open meadowlands. The property surrounds a self storage facility which just recently sold for $850,000....This property is less than 25% of the size of my parcel. Give me a message/call today if interested in scheduling a tour.


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  • Town: Canadensis

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